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Welcome to Velox Consultants

We are a leading international business development consulting firm that specialized in the marketing plan, guerrilla marketing and franchise promoting services for the startups, retailers, franchises, and manufacturers to create a sustainable growth through the flourishing growth into international markets since 2014 based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. We tend to work closely with our clients and act for a broad range of business and personal clients around the world.

We were established in 2014, to offer marketing services in start –up, small and medium-sized enterprises, franchises and retailers.

We prepare various documents such as marketing plan and guerrilla marketing strategy for a start – ups, SMEs, and MSMEs as well as identify, analyze and solve client’s problems.

Our goal is to provide excellent professional services in the area of business start – up, marketing and branding. We offer customized services as per client’s specifications and standards. We will prepare reports to your exact specifications. We are familiar with clients from manufacturers, food, and beverages, retailers, service providers, e- commerce, health care and real estate to covering many sectors.

Key Differentiates

  • Cost reduction between 50 to 65%

  • High quality, reliable, sustainable, secured and cost – effective solutions

  • Marketing Knowledge

  • Flexible to work with the needs of the client

  • Round the clock support

  • Value for money – delivering at true cost-benefit

Our Vision

It is our vision for the world’s leading business consulting firm in customer satisfaction and value creation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to consult directors, founders/CEO; marketing manager and business developer to build practical skills they can apply to improve their reports and sales.

How can we help you?

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