Startup Marketing

Marketing is a kind of communication between startups and your customers with the goal of marketing your product or service to them. We consult to startups for their ideas development.

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Marketing Plan

When the clients are in burning money with a wrong model and weak sales, our team consults them to write down marketing plan based on their specific budget. We consult you to write a marketing plan, which is comprehensive blueprint an organization overall marketing effort.

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Marketing Strategy

We are a professional consultant who provides marketing advice in a specific area such as marketing strategy, strategic management, guerrilla marketing, international marketing and online promotion.

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Digital Marketing

At Velox Consultants, we all know that web marketing is currently viral to the success of any business. We tend to cover digital marketing measures aiming at visitors to a specific website to draw on that a transaction can be completed or initiated.

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Franchise Development

We designed on a strong foundation of sales success and also the expertise and knowledge of a seasoned team of professionals. We manage franchise companies and we tend to understand the particular needs of the franchise.

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Lead Generation Strategy

Once the lead information is collected and distributed, it is then transferred to a marketing and sales management department, who can continue to implement lead management practices in pursuit of completion of a purchase.

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International Marketing

We advise small and medium enterprises to establish their business relationships with local businesses in foreign markets so as to develop product branding and distribution within the location and investigate the local conditions, as well as legal environments.

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Guerrilla Marketing

We consult guerrilla-marketing strategy to get more customers online. Guerrilla marketing was originally a promoting strategy in which affordable, as well as the use of graffiti, sticker, bombing, flyer, posting were utilized in a localized fashion to draw attention to an idea, product or service.

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