Lead Generation Strategy

Lead Management

We generate leads from various sources or activities, such as, digitally by using the web, advertisement, and online listing tools. Once the lead information is collected and distributed, it is then transferred to a marketing and sales management department, who can continue to implement lead management practices in pursuit of completion of a purchase. Practices should offer the required connectivity and accountability between those two operational units, and when managed properly, enhances the effectiveness of both operations.

  • For marketing, this portion of the architecture primarily manages the analytics of the lead generation, distribution, and disposition.

  • For sales, the architecture provides a quick, accurate technique of distribution, in addition to improved management and accountability processes for sales activity.

  • Push, The push method sends leads to specific partners presumptuous that those partners can follow up and work on those leads. The challenge with ‘push’ is the proven fact that often the local field sales staff might not be able to have interaction instantly for various reasons like they are on vacation.

  • Pull, The pull method was created to inspire sales staff to ‘pull’ leads from a web available system, thereby assigning them to a specific person as they are engaged.

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