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When the clients are in burning money with a wrong model and weak sales, our team consults them to write down marketing plan based on their specific budget. We consult you to write a marketing plan, which is comprehensive blueprint an organization overall marketing effort. One of the main purposes of developing a marketing plan is to line the corporate on a particular path in marketing. The marketing goals usually align it to the broader company objectives. Also, helps lay out the necessary budget and resources needed to achieve the goals stated in the marketing plan. Eight Ps’ of marketing function a practical model to research this initiative.

  • Price: the amount of money required to buy products

  • Product: the actual product

  • Promotion: getting the product famous and viral

  • Placement: where the product is sold

  • People: Represent the business

  • Physical environment: The ambiance, mood, or tone of the environment

  • Process: The value-added services that differentiate the product from the competition

We bring our insight, experience and detailed process to the table and develop a clear marketing strategy and plans for your business. Our objective is to deliver results in the short and long term and a level of service that is beyond your expectations. Marketing strategies may differ depending on the unique situated off the individual business.

Marketing Plan include

  • Executive Summary

  • Marketing Vision

  • Situational Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Internal and external marketing covering PESTLE analysis

  • Market Research

  • Product or Service Innovation

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Lead Generation Plan

  • Financial Forecast

  • Appendix

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