Swapping the 4Ps for S.A.V.E.

The wide usage of Internet-inspired marketing experts to have a new look at the well-known 4P’s by MacCarthy.

The product, Price, Place Promotion are the basis and will always be considered, but now supplemented by the S.A.V.E. model by Eduardo Conrado, Senior Vice President Marketing and IT at Motorola Solutions.

A New Marketing Mix

  • Solution – Product
  • Access – Place
  • Value – Price
  • Education – Promotion

➥ Solution instead of Product

Many organizations are moving their business model from product-oriented to service- and solution-oriented.

Solve their problem better than anyone else and you’ll end up with a product your customers can’t live without.’ – Ruben Gamez

➥ Access instead of Place

Today, geographic location is no longer a deterrent when it comes to purchasing product or service. The Internet has long since taken over and broken down most of the physical barriers.

What can a brand give me at this precise moment that I want or need? That’s the bar companies now have to clear, and it’s not easy.’ – Jay Baer

➥ Value instead of Price

Customers have concerns about price, but only after their concerns about value. What is the value you create?

When we hear customers say that our product is too expensive, before wondering if we should lower the price we are more concerned with whether we should increase our product’s value. – Walter Chen

➥ Education instead of Promotion

Today, customers can tune in and out what they want, when they want – almost everything is on demand these days.

Simply because providing someone with free, and useful information, creates a much stronger bond and connection than any banner ad or press mention ever could. – Leo Widrich



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